Print Analytics - Print measurement, analysis and track print consumption software.

Measure your printing

Identify high volume printers and users. Send periodic reports.

Easy to deploy

No additional hardware needed. Completely invisible to end user.

Save on cost

Actionable print data enables savings up to 30%. Shift print volumes on low cost printers.

Getting started is very simple

It takes minutes to set up using simple methods: a server-side agent or a web snippet. Try GreenPrint Analytics now - no credit card required to get started.

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Measure your printing and save on costs

Identify saving opportunities by avoiding your users printing to more expensive printers. We have observed costs savings of up to 60% by removing more expensive printers from your organization.
Printer Labels

Identify and label your printers

Not all printers in your enterprise have the same costs. Most often a network connected laser printer is less expensive than an ink printer.

GreenPrint Analytics helps you capture all printers that your users are printing to. You can then label or categorize these printers as "Green", "Yellow" and "Red", as well as assign printing costs to each of these printers.

This helps to raise awareness into your users about printing costs and lets them make informed decisions about printing. Users can reviews costs using one or both of GreenPrint's printing tools - Preview+ and Advisor.

Measure Printing

Print volume based on colour code and printer type.

Track printing volumes by printer label or track based on the printers being network or locally connected, i.e., connected via USB or parallel port to users desktops.

Track printing over time and identify users who are printing.

Track overall printing across your organization over time. Identify print volumes based on individual users or based on group of users such as departments within your organization.

Automated Reports

Get automated periodic reports based on your schedules set in GreenPrint Analytics without visiting to the website many times. View your organization printing summary report, users report, printers report and print volume trend in a single pdf. Access to your reports anytime and anywhere that is available 24/7 on amazon EC2/S3 Cloud servers.

Additional Hardware Not Required

Easy to Deploy, Non-Disruptive and Comprehensive

GreenPrint Analytics can be centrally distributed to all computers in your organization. Completely invisible to end users – no employee interaction is required. Turnkey, web-hosted data service – no servers to provision, no databases to manage.

Better Security

We always valued our customer and their assets. All GreenPrint servers are hosted on Amazon's EC2/S3 servers for better security.

Actionable, Accurate, and Detailed Data

Get automated Print Volume Report, Printer Inventory Report & Saving Opportunity via GreenPrint Analytics web-based Admin Panel. Simply log in to your secure data server to view print data in real time.

Product Options

GreenPrint Analytics is included in the Enterprise Suite Product or as a stand-alone product, if required.

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