Print Preview - Print only what you want to print
Preview Printer Dropdown

Preview & Remove

  • Quickly identify and easily remove unwanted content.
  • Allow users to select the most efficient printers. The printers' cost and colour code are configured by the GreenPrint administrator using GreenPrint Analytics web server. Users are aware of print costs to your organization and environmental savings.
  • Default printing to Black & White printing or even force users to do only Black and White printing with the help of our GreenPrint Analytics web server.
  • Single click user interface allow users to print only text or images.
  • Create high quality PDFs.
  • Automatically remove URLs, email disclaimers, and lines of unwanted text.

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Preview Context Menu

Remove Pages & Content

Allow your users to remove pages or content within a page. These could be ads in a portal or any unwanted images.

Enable auto filtering to remove pages that have only a few lines.

Preview Reports

View Reports

  • Allows user to view instant print statistics report in various simple charts with respect to printing cost and savings.
  • Helps people within your organization to view printing as an extensive cost to your company and encourages them to do their part being efficient.

Looking for print savings opportunities?

GreenPrint Preview+ is included in the Enterprise Suite Product or as a stand-alone product, if required.

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Request a FREE 30 day trial – No credit card needed